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Nazeer Abdulhai - Oud

David González Arnesto - Drums

Menno Bosch - Bass

Evelyn Vera Gallardo - Piano

Anoush Saadat - Guitar

About Us

Trico was born when five musicians with very strong distinctive personalities came together with a unified passion for combining a variety of music from various continents. From the lyricism of the Arabic oud, we go to the Latin-jazz grooves from the piano and from the rawness of the flamenco guitar to the touch of the Latin and modern bass. None of this would be possible without the rhythmic cushion presented by David, who gives a variety of sounds incorporating the Latin drums. This group's intention is to take the listener on a journey not around the globe but through his or her own imagination. Trico performs a variety of music consisting of original compositions as well as works by today's maestros and those of the past.

How did they come together?

Nazeer always had a lot of passion to mix his oud with flamenco music so he started jamming with Anoush and one day they got the opportunity to play together. They then invited David to join them and from that moment onwards they became a trio
After a while, they felt the need to incorporate a richer sounding instrument, and this is when Evelyn joined. At this
point, the only thing missing to complete their sound was the bass, and Menno, with his ample knowledge of all the different styles they played, had something new to bring to the table. From that moment they blended their music together building on each other’s strengths.


Nazeer is an oud player who came from Syria. He did a bachelor of Arabic music at the conservatory of Homs city...

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Nazeer Abdulhai


Menno is a Dutch bass player who plays styles within the likes of latin, jazz, gospel and modern music. He started picking up the bass when he was 14 years old...

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Menno Bosch


David is a Spanish drummer from Madrid, currently studying Cuban and Brazilian music at Codarts university, in Rotterdam...

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David González Arnesto 


Evelyn, born in Amsterdam but of Ecuadorian descent, started playing the piano at the age of seven. Educated by a Classical teacher at first and later, she also started to play Gospel and Pop music...

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Evelyn Vera Gallardo


Anoush Saadat was born in Paris and took his first steps with the classical guitar at the age of eight later moving on to the flamenco guitar...

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Anoush Saadat



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