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“Crossing Roads”, our debut album, is released on all online streaming platforms!
We put our heart and soul into this debut album and we’re so happy and proud to be able to present it to you. We would like to invite you to listen to it and let us know what you think!


Listen to our brand new album “Crossing Roads” by clicking on the album image.


Trico - Crossing Roads

Recorded at Wedgeview Studios by Trico. 
Composers: Evelyn Vera Gallardo (2,5,9), Paul Van de Calseijde (1,4,6), Nazeer Abdulhai (8,10), David Gonzalez (3)

Recording and mixing engineer: Udo Pannekeet
Mastering engineer: Wessel Oltheten

Artwork and video’s: Lidewij Meijer and Paul Van de Calseijde


Nazeer Abdulhai - Ud and percussion

Evelyn Vera Gallardo - Piano and synths

Paul Van de Calseijde - Soprano saxophone

Menno Bosch - Bass guitar

David Gonzalez - Drums and percussion


Crossing Roads_FINAL (1).jpg

About Us

Trico is a world music ensemble from the Netherlands that tries to capture different styles of music from all over the world in their compositions. The result is an organic mix of Arabic and flamenco music, with influences of Latin and modern jazz, that takes you on a journey around the globe. Trico has a line-up that is unique for the Dutch music scene and has an exotic sound that is full of melancholy and excitement.
The band recorded their debut album in the summer of 2021 in the Wedgeview Studio’s with Udo Pannekeet as engineer. All songs are original compositions and written by the different band members, but still form a cohesive record. This album represents their love for music from all over the world and their search for a perfect blend of these different influences. 


Nazeer Abdulhai

​​Nazeer, a diverse oud player, was born in Syria. In 2015 he moved to the Netherlands at the age of 21. First, he studied a bachelor of classic Arabic music at the conservatory of Homs, after which he finished his second bachelor of Ottoman music at Codarts, conservatory of Rotterdam. Motivated by his passion for all types of music, Nazeer started to fulfil his wish to fit the sound of the oud in different genres, like flamenco and jazz. Out of this curiosity followed the idea to create Trico, a band that he founded together with his schoolmates from Codarts. For him, the idea behind this band is to create music in which he can fit the sound of the oud, regardless what kind of music they play together.


Paul Van de Calseijde

Paul is a Dutch saxophone player, composer and arranger that mainly plays soprano saxophone in Trico. As the latest addition to the line-up of the band he quickly managed to blend in with the different styles from the other musicians and also started to compose music for their upcoming album. For Paul, Trico is a way to search for melancholy in his playing, sound and compositions and at the same time a band where he can experiment with odd meters and complex rhythms. His compositions for Trico are mainly influenced by international artists like Omer Avital, Jan Garbarek and Tigran Hamasyan, but also by Dutch artists like Estafest and Rembrandt Frerichs.


David González Arnesto

David is a drummer, and multi-instrumentalist from Madrid, Spain. His musicality and experience in styles like flamenco, Cuban, Brazilian, jazz and rock, make him a very versatile and skilled musician. He has studied a bachelor degree in Latin drums at Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam. His approach to Trico is all about finding the perfect balance between the different musical traditions within the band. His biggest influences are Dafnis Prieto, Horacio Hernandez, and Edu Ribeiro.


Evelyn Vera Gallardo

Evelyn is a world music pianist born and raised in the Netherlands, but of Ecuadorian origin. She graduated Cum Laude from the Conservatory of Rotterdam (Codarts) specified on Latin/jazz music. During her study, she came across other world music genres such as flamenco and Turkish/Arabic music which inspired her a lot and led to joining Trico. Evelyn is a versatile pianist and ready to accept a musical challenge. When she composes for Trico, her curiosity and wide interest in music genres and cultures bring her new ideas. Some examples of artists that inspire her are Arifa, Ibrahim Maalouf, Dhaffer Youssef and Brad Mehldau.

Zelf portret-IMG_2118 (1).jpg

Menno Bosch

Menno is a bass player, composer and arranger from Almere, The Netherlands. He studied latin/jazz at Codarts, but also has a background in pop and gospel. During his studies he came in contact with Arabic and flamenco music and was very intrigued by these music styles. This eventually led to him joining Trico, where he likes to experiment with different techniques and sounds to contribute to the overall sound of the group. The complex meters, rhythms and harmonies within the music of Trico definitely are a source of inspiration for Menno and part of his musical development. In his compositions for Trico, he is mainly inspired by artists such as Dhafer Youssef, Janek Gwizdala and Adam Ben Ezra.

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Nazeer Abdulhai:

+31 6 57636075

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